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A premium, organic, loose leaf tea to support postnatal recovery and breastfeeding. Fenugreek is used by many traditions and ancestries to support breastfeeding women. It reduces the wind or ‘air’ (vata) element which will pass through into breastmilk in both flow and digestibility (for bubba). Fennel also has the quality of creating breastmilk that is easily digestible for little tummies and it is especially good for mummas of babies with colic or wind to drink tea with fennel in it. Shatavari is an all round tonic for women’s wellness and the goji is fortifying and nourishing to ‘build’ the life-force (prana) in the body after the arduous experience of giving birth.


*Please note that we never use artificial colours in our teas. The exceptional colour of this tea comes from the the organic goji berries.


This tea is great for all doshas. To learn more about the doshas click here.


Divine Mama Tea

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