Ayurveda is an ancient healing system, originally from India that has many tools and teachings to help you live your most abundant, creative and vibrant life. Ayurveda looks at your sleep and your diet as well as your lifestyle habits and routines to help you come back into balance and wellness.  Herbal teas and therapeutic essential oils can also help with supporting good health. 


According to ayurveda each one of us has a unique constitution or ’type’ which is a combination of earth, water, air and fire.  This type is called your ’dosha’.  For example fire people (pitta in Sanskrit) are passionate but can be impatient.  Air people (vata) are spiritual but can be anxious and earth / water people (kapha) are steady but can be depressed.  Ayurveda teaches us how to balance our natural tendency so we can stay happy and healthy. 


In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit ‘ayu’ means ‘life’ and ‘veda’ means ‘knowledge’ or ‘wisdom’.  So ayurveda is the knowledge or wisdom of how to live life well. Find out what your unique type is by taking our quiz today. 

Pitta Dosha

You are on fire baby! Pitta people are full of passion, pizazz and love to celebrate, socialise and bring people together. Those who know you celebrate your vibrancy, get-up-and-go and fun nature. You also have an incredible capacity to get stuff done. 

Sometimes you overdo it and that fire tends towards ‘burn out’. You need to be very conscious of managing your energy, taking time to rest and not running on adrenalin all the time. It is helpful for you to regularly and take time to check in with your body and your feelings. Especially when making big decisions take pause and get grounded/breathe deeply first.

When really out of balance pitta people will suffer impatience and anger. Counter this with cooling water (a dip in the ocean or a cool shower), gentle calming breathing and a regular meditation practice. Learn to manage your temper.

Embrace daily rituals and rhythms that allow for time out and rest. Choose foods which are not too stimulating, spicy or complex. Eat slowly and with mindful awareness. 

Affirmation for pitta: ‘I take time to smell the roses and celebrate simply being as well as productively doing.’

For pitta dosha we recommend the anti-inflammatory (fire-down) tea.

Vata Dosha

You are a deeply spiritual person who has lots of ideas and a creative spirit. Friends and family celebrate your infectious enthusiasm and ability to pull many threads together to create a beautiful, variety-filled and interesting life.

Sometimes you have too many ideas and find it difficult to anchor them in practical application. Taking one step at a time and making a practical plan is important for vata types. Choose a path and stick with it for a while whether this is in your working life, your relationships or your spiritual practice. Change isn’t always your best friend, sometimes cultivating consistency and rhythm might be.

When really out of balance vata people will suffer anxiety and fear. Counter this with artistic pursuits, a warm bath or a long cuddle with a loved one.

Try to eat regularly, sleep at regular times and embrace daily rituals and rhythms that make you feel steady and grounded. Massage warm oil into your dry skin (particularly the joints) as often as you can and choose foods which are unctuous, warming and contain a little healthy oil or fat.

Affirmation for vata: ‘I celebrate creativity and my spiritual nature in all I do. I embrace rhythm and steadiness.’

For vata dosha we recommend the anti-anxiety tea and the deep sleep tea.

Kapha Dosha

You are loyal, sweet and steady. You have a strong connection to nature and time in the wild is important for you.You are consistent and reliable as well as patient and kind. 

Sometimes you can get a little ‘stuck in a rut’. Maybe you’ve done the same job for years or you have become a little complacent in a particular relationship. Variety is vital for kapha to stay vibrant. Walk a different way to work, choose a different meal from the menu, say yes to a social situation that you feel concerned may take you out of your comfort zone. 

When really out of balance kapha people will be prone to depression. Counter this with high-intensity exercise, socialising, mixing things up a bit and getting up early even if you don’t feel like it.

Embrace daily rituals without getting too stuck in a fixed habit or routine that’s not serving you. Know that change is always possible! Choose foods which are light and fresh and cut through any sluggishness in your system. Avoid heavy dairy or mucus-forming foods and enjoy fresh juices and lighter soups. 

Affirmation for kapha: ‘I celebrate my connection to the Earth and the abundance of nature’s beauty. I embrace the changing seasons of time and life’s flow.’

For kapha dosha we recommend the uplifting tea.

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