Katie Rose​

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Author, Doula & Yoga Teacher


Katie Rose is a yoga teacher, ayurveda guide and author with over 25 years of experience in the world of wellness.  She holds accreditation with both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia as a registered experienced yoga teacher and teacher trainer with many thousands of teaching hours under her belt. She is a doula and teacher for the Australian Doula College. 

Katie was the manager of the prestigious TriYoga centre in London before moving to Sydney and opening Samadhi Yoga in 2004 followed by Jivamukti Yoga Sydney which at its peak was a four studio business and is still a thriving community today. 

Her popular online courses have helped hundreds of women all over the world reclaim their sparkle.  Much of Katie’s work focuses on the Australian seasons, landscape and Indigenous culture and she has a keen passion for respecting First Nation’s wisdom as well as animal rights and the environment. She is the founder and host of the annual Bhakti Women’s Online Yoga Summit and the author of several internationally available books published by Rockpool Publishing. 

Katie helps women go from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to living a life that is vibrant, creative and abundant.  She lives in Sydney, Australia with her partner and five children in a loud and busy household where her meditation practice keeps her sane!  

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Raewyn Fernandez

Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner & Business Coach


Raewyn Fernandez is an engaging and energetic business coach and yoga teacher. A mother of two young children, Raewyn has built her career in both yoga and business side by side. identifying a need for business skills and coaching within the yoga industry, Raewyn supports yoga schools and teachers to develop their vision and dream.

Raewyn has a passion for women's heath and working with children. This is at the root of many of her practices with an emphasis on supporting women through prenatal care, birthing and beyond. Raewyn works within preschools and playgroups to introduce the concepts of yoga to children and their families.

Raewyn moved out of Sydney seeking a quieter lifestyle and is now based in the town of Picton NSW. Her commitment and passion to women's health and wellness through the teachings of yoga saw her quickly establish a strong community within the Wollondilly where you can catch her regularly teaching.