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A premium, organic, loose leaf tea to reduce inflammation. This tea holds the vibration for healing all kinds of inflammatory conditions.  In Ayurveda we think of them as pitta conditions where there is too much heat in the body.  This includes skin flare ups (psoriasis, acne, eczema), inflamed digestive issues, auto-immune issues, arthritis, as well as temper or anger problems and hot flushes.  This may seem like an unrelated list of ailments but in ayurvedic terms they are all part of the same problem. As well as drinking a strong dose of this tea three times a day anyone suffering from these issues will benefit from ‘turning down the heat’.  Coffee and heavy, complex or spicy food choices will not help you to heal. A drop of peppermint or cardamom food-grade essential oil in cool water as well as staying out of the sun will be helpful. 


This tea is great for all doshas, especially pitta dosha. To learn more about the doshas click here.


Fire Down (Pitta Blend)


All orders are processed within 3 working days. 

Within Australia, your delivery can take around 5-7 business days. In more remote and regional areas, this may take longer. Please allow at minimum 10 working days to receive your order. Tracking numbers will be provided on your shipping confirmation email and these can be used to track your order with Australia Post. 

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