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A premium, organic, loose leaf tea to support digestion. There is a link between what we are unable to digest in our bodies and what we struggle to digest emotionally in our lives.  Sometimes poor digestion is a result of stuffing our food down without mindful attention. Sometimes poor digestion is a result of too many hours consuming low-vibe sensory input such as social media or violent television. Either way this sacred brew will help you to soothe and slow down so that you can digest with ease and absorb that which is serving or eliminate that which needs to leave both body and mind. Combine with a swipe of fennel oil rubbed into your belly for profound results. 


This tea is great for all doshas. To learn more about the doshas click here.

Digest Tea


All orders are processed within 3 working days. 

Within Australia, your delivery can take around 5-7 business days. In more remote and regional areas, this may take longer. Please allow at minimum 10 working days to receive your order. Tracking numbers will be provided on your shipping confirmation email and these can be used to track your order with Australia Post. 

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