Deep Sleep premium organic loose leaf tea. This tea is different to our anti-anxiety tea in that it will knock you out!  Whilst the anti-anxiety tea will reset your nervous system and leave you grounded but still able to work and be alert, this tea is definitely designed for bedtime.  Make it part of your bedtime wind-down routine or even keep a flask by your bedside if insomnia strikes. Coupled with a guided relaxation or Yoga Nidra practice and you’ll be off into dream-land before you know it.



This tea is great for all doshas, especially vata dosha. To learn more about the doshas click here.


A single packet of our tea is enough to make 42 generous servings.  If you want to enjoy our tea for a specific health benefit we recommend a dosage of three cups a day for six weeks.  This may sound like a lot of tea to drink but herbal remedies work gently on the body and activate healing of root causes rather than just managing symptoms.  A natural approach to wellness takes a little time and patience.  The six-week package contains three bags of tea - enough for three cups a day. Remember that you can make a big batch of your tea in advance and enjoy warm or cold throughout the day.

Deep Sleep Tea

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Deep Sleep Tea
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