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This tea for little ones does a magical bit of everything.  The chamomile is calming for overstimulated nervous systems, the coconut and apple are cooling and soothing for digestion (of both food and the general over-the-top stimulation in our world at this time!) and they give a delicious flavour.  In ayurveda apples are a wonder food for digestion and coconut cools anything that is inflamed be it emotional or physical.  The goji is packed with antioxidants and gives an incredible purple colour to the tea which kids love.  This tea is yum in a cup, developed by our co-founder Katie Rose and taste tested by her very discerning four children!  On a warm day as a great alternative to less healthy juices or soda you can make it chilled and serve with some slices of orange or cucumber floating in it. For cooler weather make it warm and optionally serve with a sprinkle of sweet cinnamon on top. 


*Please note that we never use artificial colours in our teas. The exceptional colour of this tea comes from the the organic goji berries.


This tea is great for all doshas. To learn more about the doshas click here.


Calm Kids Tea


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