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Mother's Day Ayurveda Tea Box

Flower Moon Collection...

  • Two Bhakti Blend Ayurvedic Teas of your choice

  • A beautiful hand-picked piece of selenite (crystal).  Selenite will help balance your mind, clear the energy in your home and support you to recharge after a long day. It doesn't get more restorative than selenite. This powerful crystal does not need to be recharged or cleansed in the same way other crystals do and for this reason it offers great energetic protection. Selenite has the quality of amplification!  It makes your positive resolves more powerful – a perfect addition to New Year intention setting. 

  • An elegant rose gold tea strainer – our teas are loose leaf for maximum medicinal and flavour benefit.  This strainer will turn brewing and serving them into a beautiful and decadent ritual. 

  • Smudge stick – handmade with love just for Bhakti Blends using local native flowers, and sage by the mother and daughter team at Earthsgeode.  To use the smudge stick light one end evenly over a heat-safe bowl or shell, and let it burn for a few seconds before blowing out the flame. Set an intention and carefully use the smoking sage stick to cleanse your space while practicing mindfulness.

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